The Foundation Capital Method

When a plan is tied to hope, recent history has shown us the risks associated
with not having a strategy that minimizes or eliminates that risk.

The Bridge Group’s approach works with you to define the amount of capital you need to secure your standard of living, net of taxes and inflation, indefinitely. We begin by determining the amount of money needed to maintain your current standard of living and project that amount into the future. The next step is to add in anything else that is important to you, like, college planning, a vacation home, a new business venture etc. We then use that data to determine your Foundation Capital needs.

Our process allocates your investment capital into two key segments – the Foundation Capital segment and the Opportunity (or Risk) segment. Each of these segments serves a separate function and will have different risks associated to them.

Our goal is to help you understand if a particular investment falls into the Foundation Capital objective or the opportunity objective. Once that is determined we then allocate your capital amongst the two segments which allows us to quickly identify if enough of your capital is deployed in a Foundation Capital manner to help achieve your financial independence. Having gone through this process, many of our clients have found that they have done a good job saving enough capital to meet their Foundation Capital needs but do not have enough deployed in Foundation Capital investments. In other words, they are taking more risk than they should to meet their long-term lifestyle goals in the hope that it will all work out in the end.

The Great Recession has taught us that it is sometimes difficult to see where danger may be hiding in your investments. Our Foundation Capital process requires a risk management orientation to your investments which we believe helps protect you from the volatility of the markets and the ravages of inflation.