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Alternative to Cash on the Balance Sheet

Posted by The Bridge Group at 11:45am on April 23, 2018

The need for cash in any successful business has always been strong. Cash may not be readily available today for financing sales or operational lines of credit. A lack of cash can add risk to your business because you can become more dependent on others.

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Using a Business to Fund Life Insurance

Posted by The Bridge Group at 10:40am on March 10, 2018

For owners, owner-employees, and non-owner employees, personal insurance may be funded through the business a number of different ways. Cash value life insurance, in particular, is frequently employed due to the fact that it can provide long-term insurance protection for one’s family and estate planning needs, as well as act as a tax-efficient source of retirement accumulation funds.

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Sale to an Intentionally Defective Irrevocable Trust (IDIT)

Posted by The Bridge Group at 3:05pm on February 5, 2018

An Intentionally Defective Irrevocable Trust (IDIT) is an irrevocable trust established by a grantor generally for the benefit of the grantor’s family. An IDIT is drafted such that the trust income is taxed to someone other than the trust or the person that receives that income. Basically the grantor (or some other person) is considered the owner of the trust for income tax purposes. An IDIT can be a valuable asset shifting tool as it allows the grantor to remove or at least freeze the value of an asset in the grantor’s estate through a sale of the asset to the IDIT for a promissory note. Because the federal income tax and the federal estate and gift taxes are not synchronized, the technique provides unique planning opportunities.

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Retirement and Legacy Arrangement

Posted by The Bridge Group at 10:45am on January 12, 2018

The Retirement and Legacy Arrangement (RALA) is an innovative strategy designed to address multiple wealth planning objectives, including retirement, estate and asset protection planning. If properly designed, funded and maintained, the RALA strategy can be utilized to supplement your retirement income while creating a legacy for your family in a tax-advantageous and asset protected manner.

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Deferred Compensation

Posted by The Bridge Group at 12:40pm on December 8, 2017

A non-qualified deferred compensation plan is an agreement between an employer and an executive to defer the payment and receipt of compensation to the future for services performed today. The employer makes an unsecured and unfunded promise to pay the amounts specified under the agreement to the executive at some future date. Non-qualified deferred compensation can be utilized in both the employer/executive and the employer/independent contractor context.

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Asset Protection Strategies

Posted by The Bridge Group at 9:50am on November 11, 2017

Asset protection is about protecting assets before the need arises; it is not about protecting assets from existing creditors. In other words, the implementation of asset protection strategies is appropriate in situations where an individual is concerned about the claims of future creditors.

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Business Valuation Concepts

Posted by The Bridge Group at 9:10am on October 13, 2016

Business valuation is an important, yet complex, process that is frequently employed in a variety of business contexts. It is generally necessary to ascertain the value of a business when: selling to a third party, gifting interests to related parties, obtaining business financing, establishing a value for estate tax purposes, or establishing a value for purposes of a buy-sell agreement. Valuation is a specialty often practiced by certified specialists and experts familiar with valuation standards, concepts, industry metrics, financial principles, and additional relevant factors and variables.

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Choosing the Right Insurance Mix

Posted by The Bridge Group at 1:50pm on September 17, 2016

Should you purchase term insurance or is permanent insurance the better buy? If you already own a term policy, should you convert it to a permanent plan, such as whole life? Or is a flexible plan such as universal life the way to go?

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